Warrior Sports

Kids Krav-Maga

The Warrior Sports kids Krav-Maga program teaches kids the necessary tools needed to defend themselves in the time of need. The program is based on the Kids Krav-MagaKrav-Maga concepts and mind set and comprised of the most practical self-defense techniques well suited for the child learner. The kids Krav-Maga program offers students a complete self-achievement and self-defense which provides your child with a realistic arsenal of skills to help defend against a confrontation, attempted abduction or assault. Kids Krav-Maga increases strength and endurance to excel in other sports and improved flexibility and coordination to prevent injuries. It also increases mental energy to excel in school and improves the child’s posture and overall appearance.

Contact Details for Warrior Sports:

120 Edison Crescent

012 653 8198 / 083 555 8018