Nova Pioneer Boksburg

Nova Pioneer Boksburg – Private School Education. In November 2018, Nova Pioneer Education Group acquired a Boksburg based pre-school, Stepping Stones, which is currently undergoing the process of gradual transition to Nova Pioneer. The school currently accepts children ranging from 3 months to 3 years into the Baby and Tots Center – the youngest Novaneers to date – and is open for applications for Pre-Primary and Primary, grade 000 to grade 4.

Our Learning Approach:
We offer private school education, using the Cambridge curriculum, and delivers it through an enquiry-based learning model. Classes are hands-on and interactive, and classrooms are student-centered, which means that the teacher guides the student to discover solutions themselves, rather than simply telling a student how to solve the problem. This learning approach leads to a richer understanding of concepts and ensures our students feel empowered and prepared to lead.

We offer:

  • Cambridge Curriculum – world-class, affordable, creche, pre-primary and primary School Education.
  • Co- & Extracurricular Activities.
  • Aftercare – an additional cost for Grades 1 and abive, which is not included in the total fee. Aftercare is held until 17h15.
  • Meals – the school provides meals to ALL pre-primary students up to Grade 1. Primary school students are encouraged to bring their own meals and lunch boxes.

Contact Details for Nova Pioneer Boksburg:


Contact Person:
Noorjan Allie

011 894 7215/6


60 Williams Road