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Labels 4 School

Labels 4 School - South Africa - School Labels

Labels 4 School is one of the biggest suppliers of best value, premium quality school labels. Industrial grade polyester and adhesive are used for the general labels. Labels 4 School is your one-stop-shop for labelling all your school items – from Multi-Purpose Labels, Book Labels, Bag Tags, Shoe Shields, Pen and Pencil Labels, Mini Labels, Macro Labels, to Iron-On and Sew-In Clothing Labels. Try the value for money Budget Pack, Starter Pack, Pre-School Pack or Super Pack. Go to for more information on how to select and order your school labels.

Colour Labels - School Labels - Labels 4 School
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Labels 4 School offers:

Classic Labels
Colour Labels
Bulk Order – Starter Pack, Super Pack, Pre-School Pack & Budget Pack

Labels 4 School Products and Packs:

  • Sew-In & Iron-On Labels: dresses, shirts, shorts, blazers, hats, ties, skirts, jerseys.
  • Multi-Purpose Labels: lunch boxes, juice bottles, glue sticks, rulers, staplers, pencil boxes, calculators, laptops.
  • Shoe Shields: for school shoes, running shoes, sports shoes – clear laminate to put over multi purpose label on the shoes.
  • Wrap Around Pen/Pencil Labels: pens, pencils, kokis, pencil crayons, paint brushes, tippex pens.
  • Micro/Mini Labels: cell phones, watches, scissors, flash disks, sharpeners, erasers.
  • Book Labels: suitable for exercise books, text books, files, diaries (open space for subject and grade).
  • Bag Tags: school bags, sports bags, travel bags.
  • PRE-SCHOOL PACK: 30 Iron-on/Sew-in Clothing Labels, 50 Multi-purpose Vinyl Labels, 60 Micro Labels, 8 Shoe Shields, 1 Bag Tag.
  • BUDGET PACK: 60 Wrap-around Pen & Pencil Labels, 40 Multi-purpose Vinyl Labels, 40 Micro Labels, 8 Shoe Shields.
  • STARTER PACK: 25 Iron-on/Sew-in Clothing Labels, 48 Wrap-around Pen & Pencil Labels, 25 Multi-purpose Vinyl Labels, 40 Micro Labels, 20 Book Labels, 6 Shoe Shields, 1 Bag Tag.
  • SUPER PACK: 50 Iron-on/Sew-in Clothing Labels, 84 Wrap-around Pen & Pencil Labels, 50 Multi-purpose Vinyl Labels, 40 Micro Labels, 36 Book Labels, 8 Shoe Shields, 1 Bag Tag.
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Contact Details for Labels 4 School:

061 451 5609 (Office Number)
082 928 9206 (What’s the status of my Order?)