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Dance De`Art

Dance De`Art

The Dance De`Art dance studio offers a large variety of dance styles and techniques such as Ballet, Pointe Work, Tap, Modern, Jazz, Hip Hop, Horton Contemporary, Pilates, Sports Aerobics, Stretching, Spanish and Latin and Ballroom. You can study various dance styles at one venue and eventually become a versatile dancer ready for the dance industry.

Our highly qualified dance teachers have a passion for what they teach and enable you to achieve a high standard in whatever you pursue. Our very spacious studios enhance freedom of movement for a large number of students simultaneously. We do competitions, shows and international exams which are all part of the development of a dancer.

Students all feel part of the Dance De`Art dance center and get a lot of individual attention, making each and every one feel special, and not just a number.

  • Ballet
  • Contemporary
  • Dejavu
  • Hip Hop
  • Jazz
  • Latin and Ballroom
  • Modern
  • Pilates
  • Spanish
  • Sports Aerobics
  • Stretching
  • Tap

Contact Details for Dance De`Art:

Corner of Duncan and Pretorius street

Monique McCord
+27 (0) 82 379 3530

Nastassja van Loggerenberg
+27 (0) 72 480 4535

Tanya Erasmus
+27 (0) 72 511 0886