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The Department of Basic Education recognises the need to help parents and guardians get through this lockdown period as effectively as possible. This simple set of guidelines is designed to provide advice and strategies to help parents support their children at this time.

Lockdown is difficult. We are all dealing with fears, stresses and uncertainties. And, it can be even more difficult for families who are under financial pressures, who are dealing with physical or mental illnesses, who share a space with an abusive person, who live in a small space, or who have very few resources.

The Department of Basic Education links for Parents:

Explaining the virus and lockdown to young children

  • A virus is an illness, like flu or measles.
  • There is a new virus in the world, called the Corona Virus.
  • Because it is a brand-new virus, the doctors and scientists need some time to learn about it, so that they can stop this virus from making people sick.
  • To give the doctors and scientists some time to learn about the virus, we all need to stay home for a while.
  • Then, once the doctors and scientists say it is okay, we will slowly start to go back to school and work, so that we all stay safe.