Abacus Maths

Abacus Maths

Abacus Maths, South Africa.We offer a unique approach to help learners excel in maths, in teaching your child an age-old skill.
We make use of the ancient Japanese abacus and teach children from as early as 4 years old to unlock the true potential of their brains and teach them the language of maths. It’s all about making your child count – both literally and figuratively!

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Benefits of Abacus Maths:

  • We create a solid foundation for learning the four pillars of Maths: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • More than this, working with the abacus leads to the development of the whole brain, with both right (creative) and left (logical) hemispheres benefiting.
  • Children particularly between 3 and 13 will learn the beautiful language of Maths.
  • The method we teach not only creates a strong foundation for numbers, but students also imbibe a culture of enhanced concentration, logical thinking, improved comprehension, listening skills and sound reasoning, together with people skills, teamwork skills and emotional intelligence.
  • All of this naturally leads to an increase in self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Problem-solving abilities are augmented.
  • Photographic memory develops as the brain learns to use the triggers and levers correctly.
  • Maths becomes fun and enjoyable.

Contact Details for Abacus Maths:


011-760 1605 or  066 303 6977
Monday – Friday  8am – 4pm


Head Office Address:
23 Kilburn Street