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Yoga4Kids Yoga Classes

Yoga4Kids Yoga Classes - South Africa

Yoga4Kids Yoga Classes: Yoga4Kids is one of the best, well known and successful children’s yoga schools in South Africa, and offers an educational and age appropriate yoga curriculum. Yoga is an exercise system to balance the mind, body and self, and has no religious connotations or teachings. Yoga4kids is represented nationally in Johannesburg, Pretoria, KwaZulu-Natal North Coast (Ballito/Salt Rock), and Cape Town.

At Yoga4Kids Yoga Classes, kids learn how to move gracefully, breathe smoothly and deeply, and sustain their focus and concentration. They develop strength, flexibility, balance, mental clarity and emotional intelligence. Yoga4Kids presents this program as an effective and measurable method to achieve lifetime physical and mental health. Yoga4kids also offers Mother and Child Workshops, Soul Workshops and Retreats for Children, Teenage Workshops. First class is free. Please see our website for more details.

Yoga4Kids offers:

  • The Yoga4kids Teacher Training Program: For more information on our Teacher Training Programs in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban, and costs involved, please email Yoga4kids.
  • The Yoga4kids Workshops: Saturday Morning Classes for Parent & Child; Bringing Yoga Home Workshops; Teen Yoga Workshops; Women’s Healing & Sacred Journey Workshops.
  • Yoga4Kids Classes: Johannesburg Yoga4Kids Classes, Cape Town Yoga4Kids Classes, Ballito & Umhlanga Yoga4Kids Classes.
  • Ages: (2-3), (4-5), (6-12), (13-17) (18+).

Benefits of Yoga for Children:

Physical Benefits:
Develops body awareness, strength & flexibility
Builds balance & coordination
Relieves stress & provides a sense of general well-being
Tones internal organs & promotes overall good health
Assists with the performance of other sporting activities

Mental Benefits:
Stimulates imagination, empathy & creativity
Builds self-esteem & confidence
Increases focus, attention & concentration
Develops mental balance & awareness
Improves performance in all areas of life including school

Spiritual/Emotional Benefits:
Promotes self awareness & compassion
Develops a sense of connection & oneness with nature
Teaches one to honor ourselves, others & all living things
Builds discipline & a passion for learning
Teaches children to be gentle with themselves & others

The Yoga4kids curriculum is greatly advantageous to the learning readiness of all children, especially:

Children who experience dysfunctional sensory integration behaviours.
Suffer from ADD/ADHD or too much or too little energy in their beings.
Downs Syndrome, Cerebral palsy and Autistic children.
Suffer from Asthma and other deep breathing problems related to stress.
Suffer from anxiety and depression.
Need to balance their emotions and behaviours.
Children who are in motor developmental therapy for: gross or fine motor skills/high/low muscle tones

Yoga4Kids Yoga Classes Contact Details:

Location: Johannesburg and Pretoria and Cape Town and Durban

For information on the Yoga4Kids children’s yoga classes and/or general enquiries, please contact Suzie Manson or Nathalie Fagan:
Phone: 083 299 6555 (Suzie) and 084 341 2833 (Nathalie)
Fax: 086 232 7569
Email: or

For information on Workshops, Children’s Retreats and Teacher Trainings, please contact Suzie Manson:
Phone: 083 299 6555
Fax: 086 232 7569

Visit us on our Yoga4Kids Facebook Page.