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Smart School Labels & Stickers

Smart School Labels & Stickers - Cape Town
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Smart School Labels & Stickers. We offer an exciting range of self adhesive name labels (stickers) and iron-on clothing labels for parents to label all their children’s belongings in a quick, fun and efficient way. Label clothing, stationery, books, sports equipment, musical instruments, lunchboxes, medicine, sporting equipment, laptops, cell phones, calculators, books, flash drives bottles, lunch boxes, sippy cups, medicines, Tupperware, toiletries, cycling helmets, raincoats, umbrellas, bags, brushes, combs, diaries, wallets, Cds, DVDs, shoes and socks!

Smart School Labels & Stickers consists of easy to peel and stick on labels, long lasting and durable, and can be used in dishwasher and microware. There are various fonts and exciting logo pictures to choose from. The black and white name labels are the most popular and affordable. Our Value Starter Pack is the best way to get all your kids stuff labelled.

With Smart School Labels personalised name labels, you can label just about everything that yours. Family Range of Labels – versatile fun and colourful. They are pre-designed and printed on vinyl. It gives you the option of choosing a font you like. Our exciting range of personalised gift labels turn a simple gift into something little more special.

Smart School Labels & Stickers Products:

  • Standard Packs
  • Basic Packs
  • Colour Packs
  • Clothing Labels
  • Single Labels Black & White
  • Single Labels Colour
  • Gift Labels
  • Bag Tags

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Contact Person:
Richard – 079 170 8832


Cape Town