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Media Release: Black youths are NOT worse off

Basic Education

Media Release by the Basic Department of Education

Black youths are NOT educationally worse off than 20 years ago, 25 January 2017

Not for the first time in the last year or so, media reports this week have again incorrectly announced that black and coloured youths are less likely to complete university today than in previous years. Again, these have followed press releases by Stats SA.

These statements are quite simply incorrect as well as misleading about the story of educational outcomes in South Africa over time.

For example, Business Day last year published a piece titled, “Black youth less educated now than 20 years ago.” On the contrary, black people have become substantially more likely to access early childhood development, more likely to complete primary school, more likely to complete matric, and more likely to complete a university degree.

In fact, the number of black graduates per year increased more than 16-fold between 1986 (3 400 graduates) and 2012 (63 000 graduates). This is according to a Stellenbosch University analysis of Higher Education data conducted by Dr Hendrik van Broekhuizen.

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