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KayT-Pop Dance Classes

KayT-Pop Dance Classes (Kaity Cambanis) is a qualified child kineticist and offers dance classes in Pretoria. Kaity has been involved in dance for the last 25 years and has specialized in ballet and Spanish dance. Her passion is dance and her aim is to reach all of you out there no matter what your age, size or abilities and bring you into a dance class that has a comfortable environment and loads of fun and self expression. Dancing is the most vibrant and beautiful form of art. Besides this, it’s a great way of social interaction and provides a fun workout, which increases cardiovascular health.

Dance is known to be one of the best forms of exercise and there are many cultures that promote dance as an anti-stress form of keeping fit. Not only will it help kids to stay healthy and prevent gaining extra weight in childhood, it will teach them to build habits that will last them a life time. The top reasons why kids should exercise: Exercise relieves anxiety, Builds interpersonal relationships, Builds confidence, Improves sleep, Enhances school performance, Prevents disease, Plus, it’s fun! Boys are welcome to join in with the current girls classes.

Dance gives children, especially those with learning disabilities, a way to build their self-esteem and confidence. It helps give them discipline, sense of accomplishment, and teaches them to have drive and dreams. Dance gives children a way to express themselves through interpretation and nonverbal communication. This type of accomplishment for children with learning disabilities is huge.

Below you will be able to read about what we offer for each category.

Kids age 5 – 9 years
Classes are 45 minutes in length.
In these classes we focus on developing muscle tone, co-ordination skills and rhythm.

Kids age 10 – 14 years
Classes are 60 minutes in length.
In these classes we focus on developing muscle tone, co-ordination skills, rhythm and flexibility.
The aim is to have a bit of freedom and fun all round.

We combine modern, contemporary and hip-hop dance and we do not work towards exams or competitions. Join our dance classes in Equestria, Pretoria East and witness your child and you, glow! For more information and pricing on the child kinetics practice and ADHD or ADD please feel free to contact us.

Contact details for KayT-Pop Dance Classes:


Mobile Phone Number:
083 591 4888