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Flickaball Springbok Branded Marbles

Flickaball is a brand new official licensed Springbok rugby product that we are currently launching. Flickaball was founded due to our passion for South African Rugby with the objective of putting together an exciting plan to make Springbok Rugby players accessible to all. The Flickaball marble collection is the only Official Licensed Product that celebrates our current Springbok players and is designed to encourage our children to get back into the playground and trade, play for or swop marbles that they may require for their or Dad’s collection.

If you would like to know more about Flickaball please feel free to contact us. Please also contact us for your Flickaball Springbok branded marbles, Springbok branded green velvet marble bags, Springbok branded green solitaire boards in the shape of a rugby ball & Springbok branded educational collectors board with perforated holes for the marbles. Flickaball is a must for any Springbok rugby enthusiast.

For enquiries please contact Kim on 076 790 63731, , www, or tweet us @Flickaball. “Play, trade, swop and collect” and remember ‘Flickaball, it’s more than just a marble !!”

Flickaball Springbok Branded Marbles Flickaball Springbok Branded Marbles

Contact Details for Flickaball Springbok Branded Marbles:

Contact Person:
Kim Hogg




Parklands, Cape Town

Flickaball Springbok Branded Marbles