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Bully Proof Workshops

Bully Proof Workshops

Bully Proof Workshops: Master West’s Combat Taekwondo Karate provides professional instruction at its absolute finest with over 40 years experience, we are committed to providing quality martial arts instruction to each and every student. At Master West’s Combat Taekwondo Karate our instructors are there to guide, instruct, and motivate each child to be the best that they can be.

Do YOU Want to be CONFIDENT That Your Child Knows the RIGHT WAY to Handle a Bully?

When you hear the word “bullying,” you may visualize a rough and tough kid pushing a smaller child against the wall and demanding lunch money. This is ONLY ONE of the many ways that kids are bullied EVERY SINGLE DAY, IN EVERY SINGLE STATE of the country.

Let us help you empower your children with the self-esteem and confidence they need (through age appropriate techniques) to better deal with, recognize, and avoid these situations, and when all reasonable options have been exhausted, how to protect and defend themselves from any serious physical harm. Whether the bullying is physical, verbal, mental, or emotional, bullying isn’t right and can be downright crippling to both the bully and the victim as well as the learning environment in which it happens. The problem with bullying is that you cannot fight cruelty with more cruelty – you have to take the higher road. Let our TRAINED PROFESSIONAL INSTRUCTORS teach your family how to APPROPRIATELY handle this (unfortunately) all too familiar situation the RIGHT WAY!

Call NOW to reserve your spot at our next workshop! (We do this to make our community a BULLY FREE ZONE!) Please take advantage of this offer right now and call us at 073 242 9368

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Master West’s Combat Taekwondo Karate
Suite 105 Annlin Centre

073 242 9368

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